Our Founder Aaron has worked as a developer for nearly 25 years. When he was working, he learned a lot about getting projects done and getting through obstacles. During the process of working in the software world, we learned Agile and Scrum methodologies. We use Kanban boards for managing projects whether small or large.

If you would like to get a written Project Plan, we will be glad to write one up. Just let us know what you have in mind!

Time needed: 1 hour.

Project Startup Questions

  1. Where Do You Want To Host During Development?

    We think that hosting in our environment during development makes sense, and if you are happy with the performance, we would love to keep your site on our servers once the website goes live. But let’s not worry about getting the cart before the horse. Rest assured that at any time, we will gladly transfer a website over to you and will make sure that you have a good experience in running your online business.

  2. Do You Already Have A Good Domain Name Chosen?

    We can do a Domain Name Availability report for you for only $35. This allows us to come up with a list of names that are available, based on the original ideas that you have. If you already have a domain name, then you don’t need this service. Find out more HERE!

  3. Do You Have Time Every Week For Us To Meet?

    Once we decide to develop, it helps to have iterative meetings with you so that we can communicate progress and ask questions. We are flexible though, and willing to do whatever it takes to make you happy.

  4. Decide On A Platform

    We recommend that most people start with WordPress. For larger companies that have complex needs, we have more recommendations to make once we understand the size and scope of your plans.

  5. Brainstorm About What You Want

    Make a quick list of the webpages you want, and what you want the website to do. Once we have an idea of what you want, things can go quite quickly.

  6. Design A Budget

    We understand that times are tough, and not everyone has a ton of money up front. That’s why we call ourselves ‘Contract Websites’. To be honest, there ISN’T any contract. But we can do some development up front, and then space out the cost of that development by charging a slightly higher monthly fee. We don’t want to work 1,000 hours without a significant payment, but for most people.. We can afford to be a little flexible.

  7. We Need To Start Talking About Content For Each Page

    What would you like us to write on each of these pages? The ability to document the basic message will allow us to accomplish things much quicker.

During his professional career, Aaron worked as the primary developer on a dozen ‘Million Dollar Projects’ dating back to 2000. When a system is used by 20 people and there are a half dozen developers, the cost can quickly grow to a million dollars. When a project involves a dozen other employees and has been in development for years, the ability to accomplish more with less becomes important.