So I guess that there is a new bug on Android involving the ‘WebView’ component. I’ve shared the link at the bottom of this post.

It’s funny, EVERYONE loves Chrome, and I’ve always been a Firefox guy. But I’m REALLY beginning to see the beauty in Google Chrome. New features every day that blow me away. I’m SO glad that they finally take the memory bloat problem seriously.

Aaron Kempf

I’m a bit fuzzy on the details. From what I see I have this component disabled, and I’m still getting this error. That means that it’s a problem in the latest version of CHROME because WebView and Chrome are options under ‘Developer Options’ > ‘Web View Implementation’. I show that the last version of Chrome was updated, I think that it was updated on the 22nd?

Maybe Google is having problems with their new ‘4 week release schedule for Chrome‘??

On my main phone, and one of my customer’s phones.. The value for ‘Web View Implementation’ is set to Chrome 89.x. We can’t revert to WebView. From what I understand, WebView is the BROWSER that is used in apps that need to render SOME part of a webpage. It’s basically similiar to the ‘Web Browser Control’ that Microsoft has included with Windows for the last 24 years. I don’t know how developers are going to be happy with the WebBrowser control and how it’s going to stop working on Windows soon. I mean, that’s what the death of Internet Explorer means. and I know LOTS of developers that rely on the Web Browser Control…. for example, Winamp relies on the WebBrowser Control.

This affected my customers and me. It’s not just a question of ‘Gmail Crashing’ but it’s ‘Chrome is Crashing’ as well. I just had done a factory reset on that phone about 3 weeks ago, so EVERYTHING was fresh and up to date. Running updates didn’t fix the problem. (* More on ‘Android Doesn’t Auto Update right’ in a different post)

It wasn’t a HUGE deal for me, because I use about a dozen laptops for everything that I do. I have a couple of Chromebooks, a couple of Windows 10 Laptops, and Windows Server 2019 Laptops. I’m working on getting a couple of Workstations and older Servers for Virtualization purposes.

I love Android. I hope that Google issues a fix for this soon. This is just another reminder that it’s not right to ‘put all your eggs in one basket’.

Here are some more details about the issue:

“We’re aware of a problem with Gmail affecting a significant subset of users. The affected users are unable to access Gmail. We will provide an update, detailing when we expect to resolve the problem,” Google said.

Google acknowledged issues with Gmail on Android on the Google Workspace status page, recommending using the desktop version until the issues are resolved.

and then Samsung chimes in (note, I don’t have a Samsung PHONE right now, I only have a tablet)

“Please remove the Webview Update and then restart the phone,” Samsung tweeted from its US support Twitter account. “Here are the steps: Go settings > apps > tap the three dots in the top right corner > show system apps > search for Android System WebView > select Uninstall updates,” Samsung posted.

Samsung also acknowledged the issue and suggested a solution.

Note: I couldn’t really follow that advice from Samsung. My ‘Webview’ component is apparently disabled, so it doesn’t show up under ‘Settings’ > ‘Apps’ > ‘All Apps’. I don’t see anything under there for the disabled ‘App’ called WebView. And while I’m on the topic: Why Can’t I Search For Apps By Name in Android?