Has anyone bothered to compare the performance from their Shared Hosting to the 10x better performance availablle on a $5vps? Fuck Shared Hosting. Fuck GoDaddy more than anyone else. And Fuck Apache WebServer. Apache has lost two thirds of its market share these last 10 years.

I mean, most of their clients websites run like CRAP and it’s because Shared Hosting is just NOT COMPETITIVE with things like a VPS. I mean, 10 times a month, someone calls and complains:

But Why Is The Website Taking 3.2 Seconds To Run?

Many People Every Month

I think that paying anyone to WORK ON YOUR WEBSITE is stupid, when their time is 95% oft the expense. The ONLY THINGS THAT MATTER are using a reliable Web Hosting company, and to be able to get ahold of the right people if and when something goes wrong.

In this day and age, companies like GoDaddy andMediaTemple, they actually charge $20/month for a shared hosting Virtual Environment, but they frequently have a limitation that their Storage Traffic is limited to 1/mbit. I mean a typical Solid State Drive, using SATA technology can sustain 550mbit per seconds. I can buy a 120gb Solid State Disk for 17 dollars, and somehow GoDaddy wants to charge you $20 bucks a month for a .2 percent SLIVER of a single SATA disk. In looking at this situation, that means when GoDaddy spends $17 on a solid state disk, they can put 550 clients on a single server, and slice each one of those clients to 1mbit.

How the hell do the numbers work up on that?

If you website runs slow, DON’T pay someone $40/hour to fix it. Do a BETTER JOB of choosing the right HOST for the job. 90% of the people I know should give up on GoDaddy and cPanel and all that other BS and rent a decent VPS for $5 per month. Almost every site that I look at runs 10 times faster for ONE QUARTER of the $20/month charge that most hosting companies have gone towards.