When you UNDER INVEST in cheap hosting, you are wasting your own time and money.

When you work on a lot of projects over the years, you learn that it’s important to do the most critical things FIRST. When you choose the right HOST, that effects the development speed for your Web Site Developers and Designers.

If you want to make your website PERFORM better, start by getting a $5/month VPS instead of spending $20/month on GoDaddy. The $5/month VPS from Linode performs a LOT better because GoDaddy has a GOVERNOR on your hard drive, to prevent you from using more than 1mbit. That means on a typical server that GoDaddy probably has 550 customers sharing EACH HARD DRIVE.

There isn’t anything in the world that makes sense when a company spends $17 on a 120gb hard drive, and then they split it into 550 slices (partitions) and when they DO THINGS LIKE THIS, they are doing customers a great disservice.

I don’t believe in ripping people off. I believe in knowing how to get around roadblocks in Technology and I am confident that I can help your project to get started in the right direction.