I am going to surprise you when I talk about MY favorite Browser, but it’s got some features that I can’t accept in Google. For example:

  • SSL Errors in Chrome do not always allow you to hit CONTINUE when there is a conflict. I deal with SSL errors on a fairly common basis, and sure I love the big TRUST symbol that Google Provides. I just don’t want to have to change to a different browser when I hit an error. I even hit a lot of things like SSL Errors when I’m signing into a simple cPanel account. cPanel is always tring to be cute and rewrite the URL, adn I don’t see the point. If I setup a link and it contains a certain syntax, I don’t think that computers should try to HELP YOU to do things slightly differently. I mean, on the cPanel topic, I’m waiting to hear what they are going to say
  • Firefox, in my opinion processes and handles Certificate Revocation Requests fully, and I have nearly 100 percent confidence that Firefox does a BETTER JOB of making sure that I only trust certificates that haven’t been cancelled or leaked or hacked, or purchased by one firm and then misapplied through Merger and Acquisitions. I mean if a brand as large as Symantec has passed through 10 different reincarnations in the last 20 years, how do we have any confidence in the ‘Little Guys’ on the internet?
  • Chrome takes money from the companies that make AdBlockers and allow ‘Good Ads’ to bypass AdBlockers. THAT is insane to me.

I mean, I don’t use Firefox for EVERYTHING, but it is my default. I will share with you in a further article some of the tools that I require for Firefox.

Do you prefer Chrome? I know that everyone in the world does, but I think that the Certificate Revocation thing is enough of a reason to always want an independent alternative to the Evil Empire.

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