When you are just starting out, one of the MOST important decisions that you will face is:

But What Should I CALL My Website?

Typical New Customer

Now there are many people that have a complete misunderstanding of what their BRAND is. I mean, the ability to INSPIRE PEOPLE TO CHOOSE YOUR PRODUCTS AND SERVICES can typically come down to just a few words. I mean, I think that most people should hire a marketing Pro to help them with their branding, but that shouldn’t be the FIRST step, it should only happen once you have a working idea of what you want.

I truly have been frustrated quite a bit over the years. I think that MOST of my customers have chosen names that are either

  • Too Long
  • Hard To Spell
  • Hard To Rememeber

I mean in MY opinion, nearly EVERY domain name should be spelled using these simple Prepend and Append finders that are available in this website called ‘Domain Name Soup’. It is available at https://DomainNameSoup.com. When you get there, click on the upper left hand corner under Search, and then choose these three options:

Now you might wonder what those DO? And it’s easy, Ill give example for each of those three searches. Let’s pretend that you have a company where you are trying to sell ‘Website’, so when you click on the word ‘Cool Domain Names’ you then enter the word ‘Website’ into the search box, to the left of the word ‘Submit’ and then once you type that word into the search box you hit the word Submit.

What does this do? This APPENDS the word website to the list that ‘Domain Name Soup’ nicknames as Cool. Here is an example, where DomainNameSoup is looking up ~20 different Domain Names that are a match for the word ‘Website’ and it will tell you what Domain Names are available


Isn’t that amazing? This website can save you SO much time, but be sure to select through each of the pages that are recommended by DomainNameSoup as being ‘Cool’ Words. There are about 7 pages under Cool, and also another 7 pages under Business and Premium.

Simply pull out a piece of paper, and run through these wizards, and if you search on a couple of keywords and you run through it quickly it doesn’t take much time at all to come up with some SHORT domain names that only have two words in them, and they are easy to remember and spell.

Cool Domains that end with ‘website.com’..


Business Domain Names that end with ‘website.com’


Premium Domain Names that end with ‘website.com’


Just on the FIRST PAGE of these three results, we write on our notepad that these are the options showing up in GREEN, which means that they are available:

  • ChillWebsite.com
  • ChilledWebsite.com
  • DeliciousWebsite.com
  • DruggedWebsite.com
  • DiversifiedWebsite.com
  • CardinalWebsite.com
  • ForeMostWebsite.com
  • HeadWebsite.com
  • OverridingWebsite.com
  • OverrulingWebsite.co

I mean, I don’t think that any of those domains are worth $1 million dollars. But some of them have SOME potential. If we merely advance to the SECOND page of these three results, we then have these additional options:

  • FineAndDandyWebsite.com
  • FrigidWebsite.com
  • FrostyWebsite.com
  • FrostedWebsite.com
  • Glowing Website.com
  • EstablshmentWebsite.com
  • ImperativeWebsite.com
  • LoyaltyWebsite.com
  • MercantileWebsite.com
  • PredominantWebsite.com
  • PresidentWebsite.com

I mean there are some options to work with there, and if you add a more UNIQUE name, other than the word ‘Website’ you are prone get a LOT more options available.

Test # 2

I’m going to go ahead and give another example, where we search on the word ‘Diamond’ instead of website.

So we start with these three links:

Then we scroll down about 2/3rds of the way down the page, and we enter the word ‘diamond’ and then hit the SUBMIT button


By using the same method, we write down on our paper any domains that are available on the first page:

  • ChillDiamond.com
  • ChilledDiamond.com
  • DandyDiamond.com
  • DruggedDiamond.com
  • ActiivityDiamond.com
  • AffairDiamond.com
  • CommerceDiamond.com
  • EnterpriseDiamond.com
  • ContractDiamond.com
  • EmploymentDiamond.com
  • CardinalDiamond.com
  • ChampionDiamond.com
  • FrontDiamond.com
  • HeadDiamond.com
  • HighestDiamond.com
  • LeadingDiamond.com
  • OverridingDiamond.com
  • OverrulingDimaond.com

I mean that gives us a LOT of options, and I TRULY am thinking about going to buy DandyDiamond.com I think that is a FUN, upbeat name!

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