There are many times that finding a plugin takes a lot of effort. Many times, when you find a good credible Article that refers to an article, you generally follow what you read. Sometimes, the first plugin or two that you attempt doesn’t work, so it’s best to try, try, try again, and to leave a REMINDER to yourself about which tool worked best.

I think that it is the obligation that we have to plugin developers, that if we try something and it doesn’t work, I think that we should feel OBLIGATED to communicate that to the original developers.

But many times, you just skip a couple of plugins that don’t work, and then you find a plugin that works.

Today, I was looking for a plugin that allowed me to upload custom extensions to one of my clients sites. After tried 2 others that failed, this was the 3rd plugin that I tried to use for allowing the upload of custom file types / extensions. I’m really glad that this extension worked flawlessly.

The only technicality was that I had to lookup the file type at this location and then enter a string like

extension = application/extensionname.

I think that it’s curious that the app is called ‘Mime Types’. There are many places that I have read that the file I was using DOES NOT HAVE a mimetype, but then this list from is called ‘Media Types’ not ‘Mime Types’.

The syntax too me two attempts, because I thought that at first I just needed to enter the EXTENSION and then hit save. I wish that it would have raised an alert about my improper syntax. That would have helped me figure out what was wrong quicker.

Oh well, I’m glad that it works!

I hope that you enjoy it.

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