I hope that I don’t come across as being arrogant. There is nothing further from the truth. i just know that I’ve got 25 years working as a professional developer, and there are some things that I can forecast better than other people.

I’ve been working the Newsgroups, the SubReddits and various Forums of the world, trying to help people when I can. I would rather HELP PEOPLE FOR FREE than to see them not get the solution that they need.

The other morning, I was talking to someone from Africa, who was asking about where he can host his websites for Dev. He had about 5 websites in his portfolio, and many of them were running on GitHub Pages, and things like that. I mean, just BECAUSE you can build a site using GeoCities, that doesn’t mean that you should.

I was patiently talking to him. There was no way in HELL that I was going to let him use space on any of MY VPS machines, that’s the last thing that I’d ever do. And about 10 different times, I told him:

You Should Just Setup a $5/month VPS and do your own hosting solution

What I was telling this guy from Africca

This guy was VERY quick to criticize my advice, all he could talk about was how expensive VPS are. I mean, when he FINALLY showed me the website for GreenGeeks, or whatever he thought was the next step, the price was $80/month for a MANAGED VPS. I never said that he should spend $80/month on a MANAGED VPS. I specifically told the guy $5/month VPS for the first 2 hours I was talking to him.

I don’t like the idea of needing to pay $80/month for a small VPS. Most companies are a complete rip-off.

I was INCHES from actually paying for this dudes VPS for him, but I just couldn’t invest my time into this guy, because he wasn’t TALKING to me, he wasn’t PROCESSING what I was proposing. I was proposing that he gets a $5/month VPS out of me, and maybe I get 2 sessions of on hour each every month. To ME that is a no-brainer. I need design feedback more than anything else, if someone asks me to FIX THE SECTION AT THE TOP, I would have something to work with..

I just can’t believe that this guy wasn’t fully listening to what I say, and all he could do was criticize my idea of a $5/month VPS. I guess that Amazon has 50gb Solid State VPS these days for $3.82 per month. I had heard that Google OR Microsoft also offers in the same space. I LOVE that price point, because so FAR, I see these small Solid-State focused VPS machines as WHIPPING THE BUTT of the bigger cloud providers.

I don’t think that MOST of Amazon and Azure are necessary for most companies. I mean, ServerLess, All these other components, I don’t see the need for over engineering things.

And a SIMPLE fast website that can be secure, and it doesn’t have the FINANCIAL OVERHEAD of a product like cPanel. It still BLOWS MY MIND that everyone has cPanel. My Hosting Control Panel literally out-performs Shared Hosting by a factor of about 10x.

When it comes to making a decision based on things like ‘Performance’ or ‘Value’ I think that it makes a lot of sense to talk to a bunch of different people, and to somehow make an informed decision.

I’m going to close with some words, and I’m not going to try to offend anyone, or to be rude. But it’s what I feel, and I won’t apologize for being opinionated.

When You Talk To Me, PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO LISTEN. I’m very knowledgeable and I will never overcharge for anything. I’ve been through some projects that give me great insight into solutions and software, and I know what makes sense to me.

If I tell you that you should do something like ‘RENT A VPS’ and you’re not comfortable in taking that sort of risk, please continue having the conversation, and please feel free to ask things like:


Just know that I’ve managed THOUSANDS of websites over the years, and I’ve used a DOZEN different Control Panel solutions. I like different features than other people, but there are really only a few hosting options that I can recommend wholeheartedly.

So if you want to know WHY YOU CAN TRUST ME, then we should start by setting up 3 or 4 web servers, and compare and contrast the different options. We can run benchmarks, we can write code and see what works, and what doesn’t.

I’m SORRY that I am the most OPINIONATED person in the world. It’s true.

When you ASK ME for advice, and then you don’t participate in the conversation, you are wasting opportunities to achieve great things.

Aaron Kempf, our founder

I hope that I don’t come across as crass, or a brute or a bully. I just don’t like my clients spending $20/month for shared hosting, and not getting the value that they deserve.

I have not had a single client in the last 12 months that did not here my VERY FIRST RECOMENDATION for everyone:

Everyone Should Own And Run Their Own VPS, and Feel Comfortable Calling Me, Or Anyone Else, When You Have Issues. I think that a MORE technical solution opens a lot of doors for new and exciting things. If you THINK that the complexity of running your own VPS sounds like too much to bear, I can share some videos with you, or I can point you to MY favorite Control Panel, the name is ‘HestiaCP’, this is a fork from the very popular VestaCP. Here is the link: