I cannot believe how much I hate GoDaddy. This articles says that they are actually emailing their EMPLOYEES and offering them a $600 check…. when in fact, it is just a TEST to see how gullible they are. I mean, what type of company would JOKE about giving a $600 Christmas Bonus?

Nobody Should Use GoDadddy Or Any Other Shared Host, Not For Any Reason

Aaron Kempf, our founder

I mean, this year, there are people that haven’t been able to pay their bills ALL YEAR LONG we have been facing one emergency after another.

I think that together, this should be the start of a GLOBAL BOYCOTT ON GODADDY. Offering their employees $600, and then just saying that it was a joke? COMPLETELY unjustified.

And I feel like GoDaddy is the LAST person in the world I would ever talk to or trust when it comes to things like Security and Best Practices. They don’t have any decent solutions for Small and Medium Businesses. The WORST part about GoDaddy is that their Technical Support is subpar and cannot deliver the technical assistance that is necessary in many situations.

GoDaddy decided that December would be a great time to test whether its employees are staying alert when it comes to cybersecurity threats. At a time when its staff is trying to navigate a holiday season hobbled by a pandemic and an ailing economy, the web hosting giant sent a phishing email with an offer that was too good to be true and now it’s very sorry.

Arizona-based news outlet The Copper Courier first reported that GoDaddy employees received an email on December 14th with the subject line “GoDaddy Holiday Party.” The email informed workers that the company is looking forward to the annual holiday party and will be issuing “a $650 one-time Holiday bonus.” Two links were included in the email and employees were instructed to choose their location and fill in some details on a form to ensure they’d get receive their bonus before the holidays. Unfortunately, the whole offer was just a test to see if employees would fall for such a scam if a bad actor to try to redirect them with a malicious link.


I think that I had hit MY last nerve using GoDaddy about 6 years ago. I was on a migration project, and I needed to get some technical assistance, and they wouldn’t help because we disagreed on a basic premise. I had symptoms that showed that we were clearly facing a RAM issue, and the Tech Support person just couldn’t answer basic questions about the site. It was a copy of Drupal, and it wasn’t just ONE copy of Drupal, it was as if the Web Developer had inserted the Drupal Files into 3 or 5 different areas in the same hosting folders, and it was hard to figure out how to clean it up.

For many years, I’ve always said how much I hate Drupal, but only now I’ve spent enough time with it to be REALLY interested in learning more.

I am positive that playing CRUEL jokes with their customers, I’m positive that was NOT JUSTIFIABLE by any stretch of the imagination.

I Strongly recommend that anyone that is using GoDaddy, let me compare to MY hosting performance. Most websites run 10x faster on my simple hosting, than GoDaddy. It doesn’t make sense to invest your time in troubleshooting why your site is slow, when companies like GoDaddy has a 1mbit limitation on the Storage I/O of your Web Server virtual environment.

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