We love HestiaCP, and for many years before that, we loved VestaCP. The performance is incredible, and the flexibility to properly configure a webserver, I just can’t handle dealing with the limitations, going through a company like GoDaddy.

What do I think are the most important things to consider for a hosting environment?

  • Easy setup of websites on Apache
  • Easy setup of websites using nginx
  • Easy vertical partitioning of users so that webapp1 can talk to database1 and webapp2 can talk to database2, but under no circumstances should webapp1 be able to talk to database2. The reason I am so fixated on this strategy is because it is necessary to ensure that losing one app or one database doesn’t screw up your whole server
  • Consistent releases of new updates for their software
  • Strong community that can answer questions or give information to help diagnose problems and questions.
  • Ability to automate blocking IP addresses that are acting maliciously.
  • The ability to do SOME email functionality. Being able to accept emails from a basic WordPress install and being able to magically allow the WordPress system to send and receive emails is a glorious thing. It might not SEEM critical, but wait until you get locked out of a wordpress install and you want to reset the password or start using the recovery mode to repair a halfway broken implementation
  • Backups both onsite and remote
  • The automation of SSL certigicates hopefully using LetsEncrypt (or some other free solution)
  • Setting up the integration between nginx and apache and php-fpm. (note I can and do use other php interpreters when necessary for example fastcgi, etc)