There is one app that is a market leader and it is the app that we reccomend to the most people. When we meet people that spend a year building the perfect design in Wix, we laugh when they want to add a feature, or they want to AUTOMATE something. You can’t even have revisions, or old copies of a post in Wix. I don’t know how you can get content approved by your manager, when you can’t even save a draft!

We believe that the WordPress Plugin Repository and Theme Repository is the best and safest way to manage an application. There is a centralized system that can help when things get to be complex. There have been times when Automatic, the company behind WordPress can automatically disable a plugin on EVERY website that communicates with their store. The popularity of WordPress means that there are always thousands if not millions of people writing, testing and using a particular plugin.

Today, WordPress has about 70% of the Content Management Systems market share. There really isn’t another CMS platform with more than 5% marketshare. 35% of every website on the internet runs on WordPress. It is forecast that by 2025, only 4 years from now, that 50% of the entire internet will run on WordPress.

WordPress is about TEN TIMES more popular than any other platform in the world. I mean, WordPress is about TEN TIMES more productive than any other platform that I have ever seen.

People need to stop looking for ‘Unicorn Developers’ and just use the best app for the job. I mean, a WordPress website can be turned into an Android app or iPhone app which allows a LOT of people to get their app published to a worldwide marketplace. Not every website needs to be complex, but we think that using WordPress allows for future growth that can’t be matched by any other platform. Maybe someday you want to grow to using newsletter or something similar. Newsletters are a great way to drive people to your website, but acquiring subscribers can be difficult. Fortunately the ability to manage a mailing list is super simple with custom WordPress websites we can merely add a plugin like MailChimp and that’s all the work we need to do. Some websites like Wix and Squarespace don’t even allow a newsletter service to be added without high monthly fees.

Some people love their iPhone app store, or their Android App Store. Phone app stores are great. But phone app stores aren’t as powerful as WordPress plugins.

We think that the WordPress app store puts them both to shame. With WordPress, you can automate things that phones cannot come near to. I would love to use WordPress if it were installed directly into a phone. That would be the best of both worlds. But it will probably never happen without a rooted phone.

WordPress is so beautiful that even IF it didn’t build pretty websites, I would still want to use it as a ‘Data Mover’. Of course, I’m a Database guy, so being able to automate moving data from ‘Point A’ to ‘Point B’ is exciting to me. Being able to pull all the content from a SubReddit and push that content to a Facebook company Page is one example of how WordPress can ‘move data around’ and I haven’t seen other tools that can do that on a phone.