For many years Microsoft sold an edition of Windows Server that was limited to running IIS. This edition couldn’t host Active Directory, and in some capacity it wasn’t supposed to run Sql Server. But I remember clear as a bell being able to run Sql Server Express on Windows 2008 Web Server.

I think it is such a shame that Windows Web Server is no longer an option. I’ve worked for a few companies that used it, and it’s quite a bit cheaper than Windows Standard. Most importantly, Windows Web Server doesn’t require Client Access Licenses for internal users.

What is the difference in price between Windows Web Server and Windows Server Standard? If I remember correctly Windows Web Server was about $599. I’m not positive but it was reasonable for startups. The full license for Windows Server Standard was about $2000, and that original allocation came with 5 Client Access Licenses. Additional CALs for Windows Server Standard I think they are about $115 per user.

We are excited that ASP can now run on Linux web servers. The growth of ASP could attract a lot of people back to this platform. Most of the Fortune 500 uses for a good portion of their infrastructure. We see ASP as an area that we will be sure to invest our time into.