Being able to write software and to do it in a reliable and predictable manner is a lot more difficult than it should be. But when I occasionally peek into the art of being a Project Manager, it makes me sick sometimes to hear about the gory details.

The Beginning Of My Project Management Experience

After about 5 years of software development experience, I was working for Volt Technologies and I had a contract with the World’s Largest Software company. The Volt company that I worked for had an awesome program where they offered small classes that were free to attend. I had taken three or four different small classes and then I started on the path to become Project+ certified. I didn’t end up completing this process but I knew that I wanted to make sure that the projects that I work on are as successful as possible.

How Things Worked Out For The Projects I Led

After working on some amazing projects over the years I feel like I can contribute at a high level in the database world. It seems like all the time people come to me with a problem that seems insurmountable to them. Here is an example. But looking back, it felt like driving a project through to completion took a lot of hard work and blood, sweat and tears. The projects that I thought were the most successful I talk about here.

I have always said that I have led a dozen ‘Million Dollar Projects’ to succeed. I know that I am not a one man army but the ability to come in and transform a department by building a new integration tool, or a Datamart, I really don’t think that I am overestimating my level of contribution. Someday I will have to share some more stories of the mountains I have climbed victoriously.

Aaron Kempf, Founder

I have worked on some amazing projects over the years. Maybe I would be a better developer today if I returned to my goal of Project+ Certification.