Over the years, I have done a lot of Systems Administration and Management of Web Servers. Here are some of those stories:

  • [2000 – 2006] IIS for development and production of Classic Asp apps
  • [2002] IIS migrations for Internet Service Provider in Oregon
  • [2003 – 2010] Bare Apache with Webmin and PhpMyAdmin
  • [2011 – 2013] cPanel for GoDaddy reseller account. I had trouble with their fork of Apache and security attacks
  • [2015 – 2019] VestaCP was my main focus for managing a web hosting environment. I had a lot of fun with VestaCP, but it wasn’t the most stable and I had some issues that seemed like they never went away.
  • [2020] HestiaCP – the good news is that the skills, knowledge and experience that I had invested on the VestaCP platform wasn’t a total was of time. The VestaCP software was forked by multiple companies in the last few years and the original VestaCp platform hasn’t published a new version in at least 20 months. I did notice that there was a minor change to their github environment but if that hasn’t been officially released as a build I won’t even joke about using software that is as critical as VestaCP if it’s 20 months old.

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