I like using Web Servers in new and exciting ways.. I also like finding better tools for managing servers that I rely on for everything that I do. The more monitoring and automation that I can do, the easier things will be someday.

My plans in the near future are to look at these products again:

  • Ampps – the easiest way to run Softaculous locally is by using an app called Ampps. Unfortunately I have had a majority of failures getting this software to work recently. The ability to install anything on my main laptop is a non starter because my C drive is out of space. It drives me crazy when apps won’t allow me to change the installation directory.
  • Webuzo – I have never really given this project a fair chance. I always thought it wasn’t free. But if it’s free I’ll spin up a server soon. Btw, Webuzo is the Linux server program that is designed by the makers of Softaculous. I just need some developmeht environment for Softaculous there are too many interesting tools to look at
  • IspConfig – apparently this works with nginx and i have read a lot of positive reccomendations about it. I haven’t used this platform as much as the other platforms in this list, because there wasn’t anything that caught my eye as particularly interesting.
  • Ajenti – this is a beautiful control panel but it is short of a few key features like app installation and deployment
  • Lightspeed Web Server – I need to do some comparisons with Litespeed vs nginx. I’ve always loved nginx, but I’ve read some marketing that says that Litespeed is faster. I can always move to a new platform.. if it is really FASTER!