Over the years I have looked at a lot of different control panel software. Here are some of the tools that I have put a decent amount of time into using (for either Dev or Production)

  1. HestiaCP. This software is a fork of VestaCP, and VestaCP was quite popular for many years.
  2. VestaCp – this platform was my main focus for many years. It was very popular a few years back and this platform is relatively easy to use to setup a bunch of websites. Unfortunately VestaCP had a major security lapse about 18 months ago, and it was so severe that DigitalOcean magically deleted my server one day and forbid me from usu VestaCP in the future. (I don’t know if DigitalOcean still prohibits VestaCp, but I’m ok without DigitalOcean).
  3. cPanel – I had started playing with cPanel when I rented a Reseller VPS from GoDaddy in about 2012. cPanel at the time, I think that cPanel was in use by both GoDaddy and HostGator. cPanel has some features that I can’t live without a). WHMCS allows automated billing for web hosting clients b). Softaculous allows the installation of about 500 different OpenSource web applications. Although the primary focus of the Softaculous platform is on apps written in php, there are also a bunch of things like javascript apps and other things that are handy to have lying around sometimes.
  4. Webmin – I literally started using Webmin in 2003 when I was writing php apps for a company in everett called Squad Studios. I wish that they were still around. Webmin is an amazing platform and it has a lot of obscure plugins, but in my opinion it is too risky to use in production
  5. PhpMyAdmin – in my opinion this is a great frontend for mySql development, administration and migrations.