I think that even though it is hard to admin, I agree with Microsoft. Excel is used all day every day by millions of people. Excel requires hundreds of formulas in some spreadsheets. I think that clearly, many spreadsheets cost millions of dollars in labor. I think that some complex spreadsheets with thousands of formulas are more complex than some small software applications.

I love Microsoft Excel. I never would have become a programmer without learning as many Excel functions and formulas as I could. At the end, I began to ask questions like:

But how can we create our own formulas?

Aaron Kempf, 1999

When I realized that I could rely on my BASIC knowledge from the Commodore 64, and my Visual Basic class from college, that is when I knew I was going to become a programmer. It has been a fun couple of decades. I have Microsoft Excel to thank.

The Register: The nightmare is real: ‘Excel formulas are the world’s most widely used programming language,’ says Microsoft.