When people ask me about page builders like Wix and Squarespace, I have to stop and think ‘but have they seen OTHER platforms?

I got a call from someone in the Odoo Partner Program yesterday, 12/3/2020. I was told that I should consider joining the Odoo Partner Program, but that the Odoo Partner Program is focused on the Enterprise Edition of Odoo. It’s funny. I’ve looked at Odoo many many many times and I’ve setup Odoo on a new server at least a half dozen times (from a clean Linux install). The EASIEST way to look at Odoo and what it can do you YOU is to use a Virtual Machine and install the Odoo .iso file from http://TurnkeyLinux.org. When I talk about a Virtual Machine I am looking towards a program like VmWare, VirtualBox or HyperV (which is my favorite virtualization platform because it is native to Windows).

I’d love to show you what Odoo looks like, but for now, I am not planning on joining the Odoo Partner program. From what I have seen the Odoo Enterprise program is a tiny bit too expensive for what you can get. On the other hand, this Odoo program manager that I was talking to the other morning told me that even WITH the Odoo Enterprise Program, they offer a free solution that works with a handful of users.

Why Does This Matter?

To me there is a lot of value in being able to build a basic website on a platform that allows for additional features and functionality at any time. Being able to get a free Odoo Enterprise hosted website with real support and a real Partner Program would allow you to grow into other types of business apps like Accounting, CRM, MRP, ERP, I mean that is what Odoo is mainly focused on is ERP. What is ERP? It stands for Enterprise Resource Planning, and it is a system that allow you to build detailed plans for your company on what you are going to do in the future. Maybe your company manufacturers widgets and you know that 4 years from now, you are going to need a new Widget Factory. A program, a Database like an ERP system is how companies build a plan for how they are going to grow in the future.

I was reading this morning that the revenue for Odoo has grown at about 60 percent a year for the last 10 years. In my whole life, I have never heard of any company growing by 60% in a SINGLE year, let alone 10 years in a row. It was an amazing stat. In the same article though, Odoo was claiming to be the most popular develop of ‘Business Apps’ and then they started talking about having 4.5 million active users. That is an amazing achievement, but a company like SAP is known to have 150 million active users. That number blows my mind.

The Bottom Line? I think that running Odoo Community edition is a better choice than Enterprise at this time. More than anything, if you are looking at a program like Squarespace or Wix, I would love to have 15 minutes to show you the page builder feature of Odoo. Let’s schedule a Zoom meeting today!

Aaron Kempf